Problem Solver

Reshmi Mukherjee

Areas Reshmi Mukherjee is Knowledgeable in:

I am open to any problem which requires my knowledge in organic chemistry, drug designing, biotechnology, peptide chemistry.
I am also open to any problem which requires general analysis for a customer/developer point of view.

Techniques Reshmi Mukherjee Uses:

Problem solving involves several steps. They are,
1. Reading and understanding the problem at first is vital.
2. Create plausible hypotheses and evaluate their potential within the given resources.
3. Make a flow chart of hypotheses.
3. Pick most easy hypothesis to approach and follow the flow chart according to the situation.

Reshmi Mukherjee's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Organic chemsiry
  2. Macrocyclic chemistry
  3. Heterocyclic chemistry
  4. Drug designing (anti viral)
  5. Peptide chemistry

Reshmi Mukherjee's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I was again responsible to find another 'Hit' for that company based on different target. I did that and was showing initial 'Hit' for anti-viral treatment.
  2. After those success, I took responsibilty for another project to make a general tool to find drug molecule for that company. I started the project, designed various libraries of compounds and collaborated with others to push that project to near completion. It was successful and the company has now their drug-discovery tool.
  3. Synthesis of 2,7-diamino 1,8 naphthyridine. This compound was extremely difficult to synthesize in large quantity. Different synthetic routes were designed and evaluated each route by logic of synthesis and synthesizing it. Ultimately it was possible to get that compound in better yield than reported in literature. I was responsible to design and evaluate synthetic routes and make the compound.
  4. Finding a 'Hit' molecule for a potential anti-viral drug.

    The project was designed before I was given the responsibility but was never pushed to reality. I took the responsibility to find the 'Hit'. After two trials of synthesis ropund and biological testing (with the collaboration with biologists), it was possible to find a potential 'Hit'. Here my contribution was to find out the synthetic challenge and hidden factors of non-operational nature of the project and carry on. I did find the potential problem of that project and pushed to the limit to find that 'Hit' molecule for that company. The the company has gone far based on that molecule.