Problem Solver

Richard Glasson

Richard Glasson
Practical-minded inventor with many years of experience in all aspects of engineering from conception to manufacturing. I currently hold 30 patents as sole named inventor, both in the US and internationally. My work has been recognized in prominent national publications, most recently being selected by Popular Science magazine as one of the Ten Best Inventions of the year. Also recently became a succcessful Innocentive solver.

Areas Richard Glasson is Knowledgeable in:

Finding innovative and cost-effective new solutions to difficult problems.

Conception and design of precision-scale mechanical devices.

Conception and design of electro-mechanical systems and sensors.

Techniques Richard Glasson Uses:

Hard work, dilligence, and experience. Listening to alternate ideas and points of view. Actively searching out and understanding competing or alternate solutions to a challenge. Keeping an open mind.

Richard Glasson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Design and development of electro-mechanical devices.
  2. Proven record of success in solving difficult engineering and design problems.
  3. Extensive experience in translating designs into manufacturing, and manufacturing concerns.
  4. Design of industrial process equipment for difficult-to-solve manufacturing problems.
  5. Management-level experience in engineering design and development, including cost considerations.
  6. Extensive knowledge of Intellectual Property issues from an engineering perspective.
  7. Extensive experience in early-stage conception and realistic assesment of new products/inventions.

Richard Glasson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Particular experience in the design of electro-mechical devices, sensors, non-lethal defensive protection systems, sealing systems, new applications of existing technologies, integration with high-pressure hydraulic systems, design of components for harsh or critical environments.
  2. New class of environmentally-sealed inustrial sensor. Now the basis of an entire product line. Patented.
  3. Experience in tool and die making practices, all types of CNC process equipment, all areas of metal forming and cutting, injection molding, and casting.
  4. Conception, mechanical design, programming and commissioning of a variety of computer-controlled electro-mechanical production process machines.
  5. Conception, design and development of a revolutionary new type of linear position transducer for use in fluid power and mobile equipment. Product is now in production and is the centerpiece of a significant IP portfolio.
  6. Conception and design of an entirely new type of position sensor that takes advantage of passive sensors and low-power electronics. Patented.
  7. Conception, design and development of a series of robust tampering sensors for use in shipping containers. Patented.