Patent Holder

Richard Provonchee

Richard Provonchee
6,558,521 Package for electrophoresis gels
6,328,870 Electrophoresis gel running plate
6,106,686 Anchor for electrophoresis gel
6,090,255 Vacuum package for electrophoresis gels
5,989,403 Electrophoresis assembly with filling means
5,965,070 Fractionated agaroid compositions, their preparation, and use
5,836,445 Pouch
5,670,636 Fractionated agaroid compositions, their preparation and use
5,277,915 Gel-in-matrix containing a fractured hydrogel
5,053,332 Agarose beads, preferably incorporating biological materials
4,990,611 Agarose purification method using glycol
4,983,268 High gel strength low electroendosmosis agarose
4,774,093 Polysaccharide compositions, preparation and uses
4,717,667 Colony replicating device
4,701,754 Indicator device for substance receiving wells in a microtiter plate
4,659,672 Colony replicating device
4,588,555 Device for use in chemical reactions and analyses