Problem Solver

Richard Sucgang

Areas Richard Sucgang is Knowledgeable in:

biofuel development, bioremediation, microbiology, biodiversity, food diversification

Techniques Richard Sucgang Uses:

Careful historical analysis, cross disciplinary interrogation.

Richard Sucgang's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. biotechnology
  2. molecular biology
  3. user interface design for biologists
  4. food history
  5. antibiotic resistance
  6. evolutionary biology
  7. volleyball
  8. parkour
  9. science
  10. education
  11. science communication
  12. biochemistry
  13. computational biology
  14. food science

Richard Sucgang's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am developing a genomics-based screening technology for diagnosing antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
  2. I am developing methods to use experimental evolution to solve problems in drug design and dissect biological signals.
  3. I developed a finishing laboratory pipeline for the assembly and analysis of difficult to sequence genomes.
  4. I developed centralized laboratory informatics for a major high throughput core laboratory.