Problem Solver

Rogier van Duin

Rogier van Duin

Areas Rogier van Duin is Knowledgeable in:

IP and patents
technical side of Merger & Acquisitions
Resins, Binders and Cross linkers
New Product Development
New Business Development
Open Innovation
Fuzzy Front End Activities
Taguchi, experimental design studies

Techniques Rogier van Duin Uses:

divers, depending on situation
I am a Taguchi expert

Rogier van Duin's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. owner / founder of coating company
  2. leading a worldwide R&D organisation in resins and paints
  3. educational degrees in chemistry, marketing and innovation
  4. familiar with IP and Patents
  5. technical side of M&A
  6. owner / founder of consultancy in chemical industry

Rogier van Duin's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. automotive hotmelt, solved yellowing
    solvent-free coating for flexible food containers
    improving properties of coatings by nanotechnology
    development of ultra high solids (>90 wt%) using conventional applications