Problem Solver

Rohit Girhotra

Areas Rohit Girhotra is Knowledgeable in:

dsp, matlab, telecommunications, Wi-Fi, filter design, maths, algorithm development, embedded software development. electronics

Techniques Rohit Girhotra Uses:

Understand the problem.
Figure out the input and output parameters and their relation to each other.
Lay down any other external/environmental influences that can affect the problem at hand.
If the problem can be modeled mathematically then generate a model.
Start thinking about the solution and work out if any external components will be required.
Lay down the algorithm and implement it.
Test the solution. If required do regression testing.
Provide the solution for review.

Rohit Girhotra's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. BT and UMTS exposure
  2. Wi-Fi expertise
  3. C & Assembly programming
  4. Matlab
  5. Digital Signal Processing background
  6. Embedded Programming
  7. RF systems
  8. Digital Filter design
  9. Antenna, PA and LNA design

Rohit Girhotra's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I designed the Front-End Control software for one of the CSR's new chip.
    - I have published several articles in both online and offline Linux magazines.
    - I have solved plenty of software and hardware bugs in Conexant's and CSR's Wi-Fi chips.
    - I developed a new solution for improving the sensitivity of the OFDM synchronizer at CSR.