Problem Solver

Roxanne Fournier

Roxanne Fournier

Areas Roxanne Fournier is Knowledgeable in:

Green energy utilizing archaea

Techniques Roxanne Fournier Uses:

Brainstorming, research, trial & error, group sessions

Roxanne Fournier's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Isolation of halophiles
  2. Isolation of macrolides
  3. Drug development
  4. Immunostaining
  5. Cell cultures & counts
  6. Protein expression
  7. Cloning systems
  8. Vertebrate cell signaling
  9. Protein analysis
  10. PCR & RT-PCR
  11. Reason 5 orchestration
  12. SDS-PAGE
  13. Southern blotting

Roxanne Fournier's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed a multi-system green energy plant based upon in vivo bacteriorhodopsin's transformation of UV light into chemical energy