Problem Solver

Royal Burleson Jr.

I would like to share my knowledge with anyone willing to listen. Also I would like an opportunity to contibute my sevices to the world.

Areas Royal Burleson Jr. is Knowledgeable in:

Im interested in revolutional inventions that will help better how we live. Creating a Green Planet has always been my dream and I believe now is my time to supply the world with my innovative thoughts.

Techniques Royal Burleson Jr. Uses:

I problem solve by observing things around me. Processing information on another level is how I can have solutions for several ideas.

Royal Burleson Jr.'s Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I can visually problem solve.
  2. Great Observation Skills.
  3. Innovative thoughts.
  4. Research of zero gravity

Royal Burleson Jr.'s Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have to look at an issue and think ahead of time for solutions.
  2. Everytime I create a new invention I plan and then problem solve for perfection.