Problem Solver

Rusdhy Junaid

Areas Rusdhy Junaid is Knowledgeable in:

New developement of modern lighting control systems auto,domestic and industrial. Sport gears such as skyboard,skateboard, surfboard. GSS interface with current technology. children toy development. New game ideas, new technology based books or move story ideas.

Techniques Rusdhy Junaid Uses:

I will look at the problem first do i have a solution for that, if not I will research the technology first. Look at similler technology currently using. compare those technologies. I do the patent search about the technology, finaly findout an alternate solution with the product.

Rusdhy Junaid's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Developement of new idea,

Rusdhy Junaid's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I have developped amicrocontroller based irrigation controller according to weather reding using four sensors.
    -I have developed the automatic lighting system for house.
    -I have given ideas to students for their projects how to interface with new technologies to existing one.
    - I have send my new product developement ideas to
    -I have researched several current technologies and developped a solution to nex generation of those product and negotiate with the manufacturing campanies.