Problem Solver

Russell McMahon

Russell McMahon
Practical involvement in product development for Chinese manufacturing (6 client visits to China in last 18 months).
Experienced in "lowest cost" or cost sensitive electronic solutions.
'Developing country' focused products a special interest.
Very wide technical knowledge outside areas core expertise. These may not qualify me as an expert but allow me to more easily interface with experts and evaluate relevant interdisciplinary information when relevant.

Areas Russell McMahon is Knowledgeable in:

Proficient and highly experienced electrical engineer with good experience of interdisciplinary aspects required to implement practical solutions.
Especially interested in products targeted at developing country assistance or of practical value to low income users.
Extensive solar powered portable product experience.
Alternate energy interest - solar, wind, thermal, wave, ... .
BUT: Interested and knowledgeable in many areas of technology. MAY have something useful to offer in areas well outside core expertise.

Techniques Russell McMahon Uses:

Use all tools and skills as appropriate. Professional engineer. ME qualification. 40 years engineering experience. Extensive knowledge of most aspects of electrical engineering and wide knowledge of supporting disciplines. Expert at acquiring information from all available sources. (Googlemaster extroadinaire :-) ). Highly proficient at numerical analysis. As appropriate: Program writing, spreadsheeting, modelling. Physical and numerical model creation.

Russell McMahon's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Special needs development, electronic focus - disabilities products
  2. Solar photovoltaic practical development experience, Chinese & Taiwanese manufacturing & development experience
  3. Mechanical integration as part of overall project design
  4. Cost sensitive engineering development
  5. Sensing, telemetry
  6. Windpower
  7. Power sources, battery technologies, Stirling engines, wind power, micro hydro, windmills, alternators
  8. Electronic designer, ME electrical, consultancy, practical experience in Chinese market product development & manufacturing
  9. Alternate energy development
  10. Energy transfer, generation,

Russell McMahon's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. "KiwiCom" disability talking communication aid for severely disabled non vocal persons.
  2. Rockefeller award via Innocentive ($US25,000) for development of kerosene lantern replacement solar powered portable lighting solution now sold as SunNight Solar BOGO Light. Subsequently lead design and development engineer for all SunNight solar lighting products. Web search: Innocentive BOGO or Innocentive BOGO Russell McMahon
  3. Practical experience of "real world"/"in China" manufacturing issues for designs for western clients (working with Chinese manufacturers & with 8 visits to date to China/Taiwan for 4 clients (3 US, 1 NZ) with Chinese/Taiwanese manufacture ). 6 China visits for both design confirmation and production optimisation. (2 Taiwan visits for design implementation).
    Experienced in low cost & cost effective electronic design. My expertise is in design rather than manufacturing detail but my experiences to date give me an excellent understanding of the practical issues involved in Eastern manufacturing.
  4. Innocentive award - Energy reduction methods for battery powered equipment.
    Web search: Innocentive battery powered.
  5. Various electronic solutions to customer specification. More details on request.
    eg Web search: Infiniti R100
    (Responsible for power supply aspects of this system).
  6. LakeLite inc dock illumination products - long duration high efficiency energy conversion solar lighting products. (Web search: Lakelite Docklite)
  7. The following are intended to provide a 'feel' for experience, flexiibilities and capabilties. The wide skillset base noted above is intended to reflect being comfortable with provision of electronic solutions within a wide range of applications and environments and in conjunction with other disciplines. Comfortable in many disciplines - expert in Electrical Engineering. Extremely fast learner in 'new' areas. Happy to discuss what I can offer to a given project with no commitments to client.
  8. Contactless power transfer - IPT / Inductive power transfer experience. (US patent issued) - and have ongoing collaborative arrangement with international expert in the IPT area.
  9. Carbon Trading / CDM - development and optimisation of electronic kerosene replacement products for CDM implementation.
  10. Full scale RF solutions not a preferred area but experienced in RF issues. eg provided sail to control-centre RF telemtry links for America's Cup challenger (Challenge was unsuccessful :-) ).