Problem Solver

Russell Roseman

Russell Roseman

Areas Russell Roseman is Knowledgeable in:

Website Design
Business Administration
Computer Technology
Culinary Arts
Business Planning
Computer Science
Online Marketing

Techniques Russell Roseman Uses:

I analyze the problem in front of me then I develop a plan to tackle it. I do that for everyone problem in front of me, if I don't know how to solve the problem then I find the tools I need to solve the problem. Sometimes I have to find a different tool to find the solution, sometimes I need help from somebody else. Either way it goes I will find a way to solve a problem.

Russell Roseman's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Website Design

Russell Roseman's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have over 12 years culinary experience where I have created numerous recipe books. I have also assisted numerous establishments in elevating their profits threw business plan assistance.
  2. I have study computer technology and computer information for over 12 years. I have assited clients in developing many programs and I have worked for many companies solving computer related issues. Everything from programming to developing software for industry use and much more.