Problem Solver

Ruud Schellingerhout

For God sake keep it simple!

Areas Ruud Schellingerhout is Knowledgeable in:

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Techniques Ruud Schellingerhout Uses:

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Ruud Schellingerhout's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. flexible, inovative, open minded, analitic

Ruud Schellingerhout's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. solve a lot of telecome problems in big companies, make new program software in security field for big companies, introduce new way of facility management, make new software for integrated security clime CCTV and facility systems, designed technical systems on sailing boats, invented a lot of special tools, project leader in reorganization in facility management, put up a new concetp in youth care, sail around the world (where you have to solve all problems by yourself)...