Problem Solver

Ryan Olsen

I solve problems every day. Its my job and I love it. The bigger the problem, the more I want to solve it.

Areas Ryan Olsen is Knowledgeable in:

Engineering in most of its forms. - Most knowledgeable
I am interested in any problem.

Techniques Ryan Olsen Uses:


Ryan Olsen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Work Flow
  2. Conveyor Systems
  3. Mechanical Design Engineering
  4. Human Interface Devices / Ergonomics
  5. Material Science and Treatment
  6. Electromechanical Devices
  7. Systems Engineering
  8. Logic
  9. Needs analysis

Ryan Olsen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I work for a small engineering concern in South Africa. We specialize in designing and building special purpose machinery for specific customer requirements., from the automotive industry to food and beverage to mining. Our main focus is find the most cost effective solution to fit our customers requirements. I am always directly involved in the think tank for solutions to our various challenges.
  2. Problem - Prohibitively expense method proposed to convey sweets from one area of a plant to another.
    Solution - Use a fan with cyclone in a cloth bag to quickly move sweets from are to another.
    About 20% the cost of original solution. - My personal solution
  3. Problem - Method to easily calibrate two spindles within 0.1 mm (spindles about 1.5m apart)
    Solution - Using natural geometry and basic dial indicator we managed to get results better than a Faro Arm could.
    Set up time was about 10 times faster and material cost was a fraction of the price of a Faro Arm. - My personal solution
  4. Problem - Extremely accurate master to be manufactured (within 3 micron) required for calibration of a measuring machine with an extremely smooth coating.
    Solution - Manufacturing method and material selection and treatment developed.
    Intimately involved in the perfection of the process.