Problem Solver

Ryan Smiley

Areas Ryan Smiley is Knowledgeable in:

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Ryan Smiley's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. medical and health
  2. personal training
  3. plant biology
  4. anatomy and physiology
  5. reproductive biology
  6. nueromuscular science
  7. cell biology
  8. prokaryotic biology
  9. mammalian biology
  10. research interests

Ryan Smiley's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. male rat sexual aggression while on methandrostenalone (d-bol- an anabolic steroid). provide various populations including control, experimental, shamed rat groups. testing procedures for 6 weeks. stereotaxic surgery and sham lesions. specific brain region knockout procedures. glucose tracer to study affected brain area. remove and disect brain tissue at end of procedure. decipher results and show that this specific steroid acts on the regions of the brain accounted for for sexual activity, drive. rats used on foundation of mouse model being efficient means of human explanation.