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Sartaj Aziz

Sartaj Aziz

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MUTATION BREEDING, phytopathology

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  1. mutation breeding, plant pathology

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  1. the efficay of irradiations on plants has not been established at yet, but i found that lower doses of gamma iiradiations showed highly significant results for majoriiy of the parameters studied.but overhere i will recommend spend dollars and conduct research as follow:
    1- to carry out further research on the efficay of irradiations for improving crops yield.
    2- to establish highly significant doses for different useful parameters of the crop under study.
    3- to find out usefull genes resulted after irradiations.
    4- to preserve germplasm and genes sorted out.
    5-to transfer the established varieties to field for the production of seeds to be released to local market and research institutes.
    7-pumphletts/literature distribution among the young and educated generation of rural areas.
    thanks and regards