Sanja Batić

* psychologist and social worker in the "DES" enterprise for working, education & rehabilitation of people with hearing disabilities
* general secretary of SOS telephone for women and children victims of domestic violence Novi Sad (2005 - 2007)
* coordinator and writer of accepted project proposal "Let’s create relations without violence!" aimed to present actual legal ways of resolving problems of domestic violence to pupils of secondary schools on the territory of Vojvodina ( August , 2006. - January , 2007)
* assistent in the project of fostering young from problematic families "Solidali con loro", Brescia, Italy (2005)
* workshops' facilitator
- It is easy and beautiful to be a volunteer, program for early introducing with volunteerism (2002)
- Resilient personality, program for the development of resiliency (2003)
- Strangers in the night, program for adaptation in new environment (2004 - 2005)