Problem Solver

Saurabh Kwatra

Saurabh Kwatra
It is a Newtonian world, physically : mastery of applications of its laws would help in better product designing.

Areas Saurabh Kwatra is Knowledgeable in:

Industrial design; intersection of conceptual stage of design & classical mechanics used to dissect it.

Techniques Saurabh Kwatra Uses:

Methodologies in engineering design; basic principles of design that transcend time and space; studying evolution of a product's design through history; mathematical modeling; principles of Newtonian dynamics; Pro/Engineer software for CAD/CAM.

Saurabh Kwatra's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Modeling and prototyping
  2. Redesigning products that have been taken as granted for good
  3. Exceptional teaching skills
  4. Conducting lively workshops for STEM students

Saurabh Kwatra's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Expert in interdisciplinary product design, highly interactive human-machine interface, mechanical systems' redesigned for better function.