Problem Solver

Saurin Jani

Saurin Jani's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Working with researchers from various fields such as cancer, regenerative medicine, neuroscience and psychiatry
  2. Designing web based bioinformatics modules
  3. NextGen Sequence, Copy number, microarray, miRNA and SNP data analysis using Perl/R/Bioconductor/Linux

Saurin Jani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed various web-based modules and writing Perl/R statistical scripts to analyze gene expression data assayed in field of cancer, neuroscience and psychiatry. I was also involved in writing backend controller scripts in PERL/BioPerl/java/jython/python to handle I/O for various analytical scripts, which presents results to researchers in highly informative manner. I was also involved in analyzing data from animal models such as mouse and rat gene knockouts for cocaine and alcohol addiction in neuroscience research field. My recent publication is: GeneMesh: a web-based microarray analysis tool for relating differentially expressed genes to MeSH terms. [PubMed ID: 20359363].