Problem Solver

Selwyn Rose

Experienced in idea generation - especially around consumer products, leading teams through problem solving programmes. I've got a varied background, covering process management, quality systems, operations management, logistics, product development and innovation

Areas Selwyn Rose is Knowledgeable in:

I have solid knowledge in consumer products and emotional connecting products. Safety products - fall arrest and climbing equipment. I am particularly intersting in any consumer product innovation, also automotive and technology based innovation.

Techniques Selwyn Rose Uses:

Ideation - idea generation from insights. Whether these are consumer based insights or global trends.

Selwyn Rose's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Challenging and overturning orthodoxies
  2. Product development and innovation
  3. Science of emotions - emotional connecting
  4. Ideation - idea generation
  5. Strategy development
  6. Consumer & retailer insights and needs
  7. Trend spotting, discontinuities
  8. Business case development

Selwyn Rose's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Our business creates characters which are then translated to the products we manufacture or licensed out to 3rd parties. One of these major characters had become tired and was no longer performing at retail and had lost it's appeal to consumers.
    I led a project to bring the character back to life, to create new opportunities (both product and experience related) and create a pipeline for it's future.
    This involved designing ideation sessions, developing a direction for the character and leading the project through to completion.
  2. As part of a project team assigned to trouble-shoot an unprofitable deivision of our business, I worked on business model innovation. Creating new ways to do business - challenging existing practices and deveoping new ways through the issue.
    Also as part of this, deisgned and led workshops on product devlopment. Defining consumer needs and current trends and leading a team through to create a pipeline of new product opportunities.
  3. As innovation manager I am leading an innovation programme exploring human emoions and how people connect - emotionally - with brands, products and each other.
    Also in this project we are researching consumer behaviour and how that it changing in the current climate, how it will change going forwards and how we can influence that.