Problem Solver

Shah Muhammad Butt

Shah Muhammad Butt

Areas Shah Muhammad Butt is Knowledgeable in:

Systems Integration • Project Lifecycle • Technological Advancements
Operations Concepts/Design Field/User Support • Training Seminars/Presentations
Interface Standards/Deployments • Engineering Processes • System Testing / Troubleshooting
 Managed LAN network lifecycles on a Windows platform, from software and hardware applications to equipment layout and technical support
In-depth knowledge of LAN maintenance and troubleshooting, including desktop support, configuration, and workstation issues, from initial problem analysis to final end resolution
 Integrate amongst technical support, ensuring multiple tasks and parallel deadlines are met and in line with technological advancements and company growth
Take 10 years of work history, coupled with the depth and magnitude of my hands-on and field experience, and you'll agree that I am the right candidate for this position. I have handled complex systems, conducting technical and broad analysis, while always complying with user requirements and specifications

Techniques Shah Muhammad Butt Uses:

Qualitative Research
Large Problems

Shah Muhammad Butt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. SEO

Shah Muhammad Butt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have 10 years experience in Network Management
    • Infrastructure Project Mgt.
    • Manufacturing Systems Support