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Shashank Mathur

Shashank Mathur
I will give a best, simple and effective solution ....

Areas Shashank Mathur is Knowledgeable in:

Science...Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, NANOTECHNOLOGY.......

Techniques Shashank Mathur Uses:


Shashank Mathur's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Innovation is inevitable.
  2. I want to change the technology.
  3. Have passion for knowledge.
  4. I specialises in mterials.
  5. Entertainment is a thing many normal people cannot live without, so do I and hence I know what people want.
  6. I can try making things simpler than hardcore professionals..
  7. I am hardworking
  8. Language is no barrier.
  9. I am a Nanotechnology professional.
  10. I like to take challenges..

Shashank Mathur's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Earlier have worked on Defense related projects.
  2. Associated with National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi for studies related to device structure and charge transportation in Organic Electronic Devices.