Problem Solver

Shaun Prince

Shaun Prince
I'm usually the guy that gets to deal with the unusual problems.

Areas Shaun Prince is Knowledgeable in:

linux systems, webservers, website design, databases, script writing, microsoft windows desktop and server, datacenters, server hardware, networking, PHP programming, music studio recording, guitar playing

Techniques Shaun Prince Uses:

asking questions to collect all of the direct information that is possible
establish variables, mentally run through all possible scenarios, suggest the most probable answer.
perform internet research to find if this problem has already been solved before.
reach out to my social network for suggestions on finding more variables that I can use to run through new scenarios.

Shaun Prince's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. master troubleshooter
  2. linux, windows and cisco systems architect
  3. senior technical analyst
  4. linux and windows systems administrator
  5. patient, observant and tactful
  6. network infrastructure engineer
  8. PHP/MySQL Developper
  9. MySQL administrator, Oracle and Informix junior
  10. Linux BASH/sh script master
  11. ColdFusion Developper
  12. MS DOS shell script master

Shaun Prince's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have worked technical support in a very large corporate call center for an internet, television and telephone provider, answering problems over the phone and via email all day for over 10 years.
  2. I wrote a PHP/MySQL tool that will connect to all the servers in the development, quality assurance, staging and productions environemnts to collect all of the software versions used across a complex game platform. Productivity has accellerated, now that all the departments can have a real-time overview of the installed platform version and patchlevels.
  3. i have built a product catalogue of over 10,000 items, taking my own pictures of the products, and going to print, then sent to a mailing list of over 3500 addresses. The catalog was portable to a website, and the database was integrated into the point-of-sale and inventory system. This product exposure allowed vendors to associate and order products using the proper part number, greatly simplifying the post-sales procedures.
  4. Our 5-man team designed, implemented and we are currently supporting the systems and network infrastructure of a 1 million dollar per week generating online casino, as a member of a 5-man team.