Problem Solver

Shibu Narendranathan

Areas Shibu Narendranathan is Knowledgeable in:

software, automobile, electronics, solar power, music or audio engineering related.

Techniques Shibu Narendranathan Uses:

Lateral thinking, research, trial & error, brainstorming.

Shibu Narendranathan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. software architecture
  2. adaptability to newer technologies, making use of them.
  3. lateral thinking

Shibu Narendranathan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I co-invented a way to store and fetch voice data in hard disk media so that the access is faster.
    I co-developed a patented procedure to drastically reduce the call setup time for VoIp calls.
    I developed a novel way to alter car windshield darkness utilizing LCD technology depending on the temp/sun-brightness outside the car.