Problem Solver

Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams
I frequently find innovative solutions combining ideas pulled from my broad knowledge of many subjects and methods.

Areas Stephen Williams is Knowledgeable in:

Most computer and software related topics, security, codecs, AI, communication and collaboration, learning, geospatial, government / military, utility, banking, retail, and manufacturing.

Techniques Stephen Williams Uses:

Deep research on topic, then combining ideas from completely different areas, applied by analogy in new combinations. I frequently have unique insights that provide new solutions.

Stephen Williams's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Startups, business management
  2. children, education
  3. running, kayaking, biking, hiking
  4. Private pilot
  5. Presence, instant messaging, social networking
  6. IT solutions, software, peripherals, business applications
  7. User interface development
  8. marketing, strategy, user experience
  9. rdf, semantic technology, AI
  10. photography, imaging, video, codecs

Stephen Williams's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Invented a way to automatically sense tire alignment.
  2. Invented new type of bicycle with arm / ab based propulsion.
  3. Independently created idea of using website chat for customer support, founded startup.
  4. Created scalable video conferencing attached to IM at AOL, allowing at least 10 simultaneous video sessions. Several innovations were involved.
  5. Independently invented CAPTCHAs.
  6. several binary XML inventions, as part of proposal for W3C XBC/EXI working groups.
  7. Wrote Buddylist for AOL, added many features.
  8. Worked on numerous software development projects in many industries for over 25 years.
  9. Invented new hand washing system, using high pressure streams and air curtain drying.