Problem Solver

Steve McManus

Areas Steve McManus is Knowledgeable in:

Smart materials (sensors and actuators) and control systems
Composites and other advanced materials
Solar energy (photovoltaic and thermal)
Technical textiles (woven and nonwoven)
Cellulosic ethanol
Paper production
Biotechnology (drug discovery)

Techniques Steve McManus Uses:

Brainstorming, lateral thinking, the TEC algorithm for technology commercialization, reduction, research, root cause analysis, SWOT/PEST analysis.

Steve McManus's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. B2B New business development
  2. Marketing
  3. Industrial experience commercializing products based on new technologies
  4. Trained in a proven technology commercialization process at NC State University
  5. Sales
  6. Market Research (primary and secondary)
  7. Patent analysis

Steve McManus's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -As a Product Manager at Lord Corporation, performed market research, product management, marketing, and sales functions for Magnetorheological Fluid products. Managed sales and marketing for the Tactile Feedback Device (TFD) product line. Demonstrated versatility and effectiveness.

    • Initiated and managed product development programs with the leading manufacturers in each of three market segments targeted, positioning the TFD product line for its current dominant position in the market.
    • Represented Marketing in a cross-functional development team that rationalized diverse customer needs to 2 core products, minimizing cost and maximizing profitability.
    • Won business with Lord’s largest truck fleet customer for its Motion Master controllable truck seat damper, motivating Peterbilt Trucks to add Motion Master to its list of factory-installed options.
    • Managed an independent testing project that quantified the safety benefits of Motion Master.
  2. -Performed technology scouting projects for Lord Corporation (smart materials) and RTI International (paperboard packaging) as a consultant.
  3. -Worked with N.C. State University’s TEC program to lead a group of university technologists in assessing the commercial potential of a novel modified siloxane coating technology with a wide range of potential applications. Screened dozens of potential applications and selected three to pursue - drug-eluting stents, microarrays for laboratory testing, and antifouling marine coatings. Presented the business case to venture capital investors, generating interest and followup meetings, before accepting a business development position with BP.
  4. -At BP Amoco/Propex, Responsible for developing new markets and applications in North America for Curv Composites- novel self-reinforced thermoplastic composite materials with unique properties. Set pricing for North American markets and participated in R&D planning. Developed productive relationships with business and technical staff in Germany to secure limited R&D resources for North American projects. Also developed partnerships with material processors and independent sales representatives to accelerate market development.
    • Developed over $3 million/year in new business in sporting goods applications with Bauer Hockey and Nike, and body armor applications with BAE Systems.
    • Developed a $5-10 million/year pipeline in a range of commercial, industrial and military applications.
    • Negotiated pricing with gross margins greater than twice the company average.