Problem Solver

Steven Bohannon

Steven Bohannon
I am 58 years old and I am currently on disability retirement due to having Parkinson’s Disease. I have had this disease for 8 years and while I am unable to work full time, I try to remain active. I lead a PD support group, write stories and poetry and still have a passion for coming up with ideas. Coming up with ideas is recreation to me.

Areas Steven Bohannon is Knowledgeable in:

Differentiating from competition with outside the box ideas.

Techniques Steven Bohannon Uses:

SWOT, Case Study Approach, Innovation

Steven Bohannon's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Importance of little things to set you apart from competition
  2. Strong business sense
  3. Outside the box thinking and ideas
  4. Promotion and Merchandising
  5. Negotiating
  6. Customer Relations
  7. Sales
  8. Marketing
  9. SWOT
  10. Teamwork

Steven Bohannon's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Have come up with many new product ideas
  2. Have come up with many systems ideas
  3. Have come up with several merchandising ideas which set my account apart from competition. About 10 years ago, I actually came up with a sale that resulted in Safeway Seattle Division having the strongest gains on record.
  4. Have come up with many solutions in dealing with my PD to avoid taking additional meds.
  5. I have an invention that I am currently working on that is about ready to go to market. I have worked on this for over 2 years. One of the key elements about the marketing strategy is that it will give back a significant portion of the proceeds to a cause TBD. Then I plan on giving 50% of my proceeds to research for cures.
  6. I have a rather lengthy list of ideas that I am going to pursue once my current one succeeds. I seem to come up with ideas on a fairly regular basis.
  7. Retirement Announcement from the Director of Field Sales………
    “After over 31 years of service, Steve Bohannon has elected to retire from General Mills effective December 20. During those years he has consistently delivered outstanding results. Beyond results though, has become known to both his team members and his customer as an innovator – a real “out of the box thinker”, who could translate ideas into strong tactics/actions. Steve’s passion for finding better, more efficient ways to do things has led to a variety of changes in our national systems. It was not uncommon for our systems people in Minneapolis ask that Steve be on task forces because they knew that he would always have ideas on how to make our systems better. He has long been a resource on our team for people young and old to problem solve. His experience, positive approach to tough issues, and ability to deliver strong results are among the many qualities we know we will miss.”
  8. My story is in Chapter 12 of "Surviving Adversity by Gord Carley