Problem Solver

Steven Keith

Steven Keith
View your problems through other lenses. Welcome broad interdisciplinary approaches to the biggest problems. Outflank conventional problem-solving approaches with rapid prototyping between the thinking and doing stages.

Areas Steven Keith is Knowledgeable in:

Design Thinking as a method to address particularly wicked business problems. Use of design as a means to better explain and equip teams to see, understand, articulate and solve seemingly insoluble problems.

Techniques Steven Keith Uses:

Outcome Driven Innovation, Stage-Gate Innovation, Design Thinking. Focused consensus sharpening (an online consensus tool). Interviews and analysis. Teamstorming (collaborative brainstorming).

Steven Keith's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. digital transformation, corporate change, organizational development, internet strategy, online strategy, design thinking

Steven Keith's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Led the transformation of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina's online strategy. This included creating their online/Web strategy in the dawn of increased consumerism in health care. After creating the strategy and building in alignment to their overall enterprise strategy, I lead a team in the creation of specific solutions to their online challenges, helped them create strategic focus on the work that mattered most and designed and helped implement their teams to meat the post-transformation culture.