Problem Solver

Sunimal Alles

Sunimal Alles
Living with problems are un-wise. All challenges can be solved as they are mostly human made.

Areas Sunimal Alles is Knowledgeable in:

Human relationships

Techniques Sunimal Alles Uses:

One to one consultations, phone conversations, responses through email, seminars,

Sunimal Alles's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Development of cooperatives for production, services and provision of loans
  2. Development of Value Chains
  3. Identification of talents/strengths of workforce
  4. Enhancing productivity
  5. Office credit unions
  6. Conflict mitigation and transformation

Sunimal Alles's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Provided advice on the manner youth and unemployed could live meaningfully by identifying and refining talents/strengths.
  2. Established Committees for Better Living (CBL) and village/community level VCAs (Value Chain Associations) and developed Producer organizations to access loans for development.
  3. Designed programs to recover, stabilize and develop communities in post disaster/conflict.