Problem Solver

Stivert Pikkesen

Stivert Pikkesen

Areas Stivert Pikkesen is Knowledgeable in:

Product Design, Industrial Design

Stivert Pikkesen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Unique Identity
  2. Brand Supportting Design
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Opportunity Scoring
  5. Conceptual Idea Modeling
  6. Logical and simple solutions
  7. Tangible Concepts
  8. Combinations of Technology and Human factors
  9. Visual Mapping of Intuitions
  10. Brainstorming
  11. Workshops
  12. Innovation Acceleration Tools
  13. Opportunity Scoring
  14. Product Benchmarking
  15. Strategic Storytelling
  16. Business Concept Visualization
  17. Design Strategic Intent Mapping
  18. Technologies Visualization
  19. Design Intent
  20. Road mapping
  21. Product Benchmarking
  22. Visual Market Analysis
  23. Improved Interactions
  24. Lifestyle Analysis
  25. Trend Analysis
  26. Scenario Creation
  27. Persona Creation
  28. Needs Assessment
  29. Target Identification
  30. Design Evaluation System
  31. Project Management
  32. Corporate Brand Development
  33. Corporate Product Identity
  34. Corporate Design Strategy
  35. Corporate Product Structure
  36. Exciting and appealing design
  37. Matching portfolio structures
  38. Colour Studies
  39. Texture Studies
  40. Aesthetical Proportions
  41. Inspirational Design
  42. Eye catching product identity
  43. See, feel and test visions
  44. Hand Sketches
  45. 3D Computer Models
  46. Visual Models
  47. Functional Models
  48. Rapid Prototyping

Stivert Pikkesen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Innovation starts with the users needs.
    Music stimulate emotions and is vital while growing up, it improves learning, intelligence, balance and the ability to coordinate movements.
    Onø Design developed the concept for LEGO.
  2. DESIGN MANAGEMENT - Reducing time for development from 24 month to 6 month.
    Large scale ROI for Ascom - we reduced time for development from 24 to 6 month.
    Design Management is an approach whereby your organizations make design-relevant decisions.
    Design Management is a long-continuous comprehensive activity on all levels of business performance. Focus is market and customers and optimising the design processes.
    My job as Design Manager was to implement the structures.
  3. KiSS Technology wanted to go from being a local dealer to be the first global supplier of DVD players using the DivX format.
    Together we succeeded!
    Onø Design defined three generations of DVD players,
    DVD players for the OEM market, Video On Demand box, a plasma TV and a TFT monitor.
  4. 20% reduction of production costs was the result of a very simple idea - ROI for Bodum.
    Even small cuts in production costs can lead to significant cost savings.
    By replacing two narrow, metal-hoops of the handle with one, only one screw was then needed. Assembly became far easier, simpler and much faster.