Innovation Speaker

Thomas Anglero

Thomas Anglero
I am a guest lecturer at the University of Oslo (UiO) on entrepreneurship and innovation in the departments of Informatics and the Maters program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I was a regular speaker for Ericsson AB at Cebit for two years presenting their new services and IP strategies to the world media and customers. I was a speaker at every VON conference from 1998 - 2002. I spoke at the 2008 FTTH Council Europe conference of new business models for FTTH deployments in Europe and the Nordics. I am a weekly speaker at Bjørnholt High School in Oslo, Norway to motivate students. Bjørnholt High School has a 25% dropout rate.

Thomas Anglero's speaking engagements:

Lecture at UiO, Department of Infomatics
Lecturer at UiO, Dept. of Entrepreneurship (Master's program)
Cebit for Ericsson
VON conferences
FTTH Conference Europe
Bjornholt High School (Oslo, Norway)