Problem Solver

Thomas Sutrina

I am an innovator that thinks out of the box. I approach solutions by understanding the technologies enough to make system decisions. I use experts verify choices as I work on a solution.

Areas Thomas Sutrina is Knowledgeable in:

Power Electronic packaging, Wind turbine system, small electromagnetic systems

Techniques Thomas Sutrina Uses:

I use math solving software like TK Solver to model the problem. Then design and build prototype to test.

Thomas Sutrina's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Power Electronic packaging
  2. electromechanical devices
  3. cooling and fluid flow
  4. 3D cad
  5. MathCad

Thomas Sutrina's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Freestyle Breast Pump Medela: System model, designed shield barrier and housing containing it, defined approach for cross connector for double or single pumping operation.
  2. Have more then two dozen patents in many product areas. See USPTO with my name as inventor.
  3. NO gas regulator for INO Therapeutics (Akaria). I designed, detailed, and constructed pre-production efficacy unit. Product on the market.
  4. Lithotriptor for Northgate Tech. Inc. using voice coil to get around a patent. Pre-production efficacy unit built. The doctor could hold it twice as long. I determined approach, chose the voice coil vendor and probe design consultant.
  5. S C Johnson's products as part of the consultant hired for product studies: lint brush, boost Windex pump, wasp extension handle, timer bug bomb, etc. I identified product approach and did assisted or did the initial prototype design.
  6. Nike shoe measurement tool for measuring circumference inside the shoe. I came up with the approach and designed the proof of concept unit sent to Nike. BIT7 was the 13th company asked to solve this problem. Tool now use at their factories.
  7. Designed a pre-production room contamination airborne collection device prototyped, example anthrax, for an individual inventor. I turned a concept into a low cost, blow molded unit that was provided to the Chicago Fire Department.
  8. Designed aerospace power distribution center packages.
  9. Designed hermetic solder bonded semiconductor integrated circuit package for power devices.
  10. Designed IGBT and Transistor power converters for motor drives and aerospace motor and electric power generator systems up to 110KVA.