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Thomas Wilckens

Inhibition of angiogenesis and resolution from inflammation: in preparation
Thomas Wilckens

WO2006097337: 11-β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenases
Thomas Wilckens
The present invention relates to novel 11-β-HSD inhibitors as well as to the use of 11 β-HSD
inhibitors for the manufacture of pharmaceutical agents for the prevention and/or treatment of
metabolic diseases, cancer, cell proliferation, glaucoma, diseases associated with abnormal growth
hormone secretion as well as wound healing disorders.

WO2005027882: Prevention and treatment of inflammation and/or immune mediated bone loss
Thomas Wilckens, Ariane Volkmann
The present invention relates to the use of an 11-ss-HSD-type 1 and/or type 2 inhibitor for the
manufacture of a pharmaceutical agent for the prevention and/or treatment of inflammation-induced
and/or immune-mediated loss of bone and/or cartilage.

WO0130383: Medicament in order to induce tolerance:
Thomas Wilckens
The invention relates to a medicament comprising 11-β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitors
combined with an antigen in order to improve and optimize tolerance induction.

WO0212544: Short-Chain Dehydrogenases
Thomas Wilckens
The present invention relates to a method for identifying or verifying members of the short chain
dehydrogenase (SDR) family, to a method for providing modulators for members of the SDR family
and to the preparation of pharmaceutical agents using these modulators

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Thomas Wilckens; Sandrine Shepard
Mobile phone e.g. global system for mobile communications device, has
chip card memory with program, where phone is addressable for call over mobile radio
network in on-call mode under two different telephone number
The phone has a chip card memory with a program to maintain different telephone numbers under
which the mobile phone is addressable. The phone is addressable for a call over a mobile radio
network in an on-call mode under two different telephone number. Different call signal tones and/or
melodies and/or optical call indication signal of an indicating device of the phone are assigned to the
telephone numbers. An independent claim is also included for a mobile radio system with which a set
of telephone numbers is assigned to a mobile phone