Innovative People

Tim Potten

Tim Potten Engineering (1965 - 1990): Avionics & general electronics for major contractors in UK, Germany, France and BENELUX
Design responsibilities for a system of 'on board'aircraft systems test and repair aids.

Legal (1990 - 2005): providing practical assistance to unemployed young people
or state and charitable organizations dealing with disabled and disadvantaged clients
legal research and mediation for local police and community organizations

Recent: Innovation facilities including spent nuclear fuel, alternative energies
disaster recovery & strategic planning

Ultimately, if you (singular or plural you) own the problem, then ultimately only you owner(s) can solve it. A problem shared is only a problem halved. Your advisors can provide the "information, advice and options" half. The hard work half of choosing and implementing your solutions (unlike washing-up) can not be offloaded - sorry!