Problem Solver

Tim Potten

Tim Potten
Ultimately, if you (singular or plural you) own the problem, then ultimately only you owner(s) can solve it. A problem shared is only a problem halved. Your advisors can provide the "information, advice and options" half. The hard work half of choosing and implementing your solutions (unlike washing-up) can not be offloaded - sorry!

Areas Tim Potten is Knowledgeable in:

Psychology & Technology

Techniques Tim Potten Uses:

Formal (agreed) problem-statement>Solution-concept>Divide+conquer>Persuade participants>Set milestones>Monitor Progress>Reward success.

1. Re-frame emotional language as a set of neutral 'legalistic' statements defining problems and disputes

Tim Potten's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Knowledge of German and experience living in Frankfurt & Munich
  2. Technical Engineering Diploma, systems, power technical education
  3. Knowledge of Spanish and experience living in Madrid
  4. Legal Executive Diploma, mediator, psychology, dispute resolution
  5. Knowledge of French and experience living in Mid & Med France

Tim Potten's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Utilizing idle replacement spare-parts of radar as test equipment
    Using position and rate algorithms to smooth and control tracking system
    Combining different power generation & storage sources to power battery and hydrogen vehicle refuelling plant
    Resolving neighbor disputes by creating common projects