Problem Solver

Tom Kruer star Proven Solver

Tom Kruer
I have likely done something very similar to your problem before. Knock on wood, but I have never failed to provide a woking solution to even the most difficult of problems, and have never missed an introduction at a trade show.

Areas Tom Kruer is Knowledgeable in:

Innovative problem solving and product development in areas that improve the human condition.

Techniques Tom Kruer Uses:

Everything and anything that is required to solve the problem. My broad range of experiences and industry knowledge allows me to generate fully fleshed out concepts almost by intuition. Research and analysis of various types is then used to optimize the solution(s).

Tom Kruer's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Experienced Consultant
  2. Professional and personable approach to clients
  3. Cross Industry Solutions
  4. Good verbal and graphic communication skills
  5. Successful Entrepreneur
  6. Multidisciplinary Problem Solving
  7. Innovative Product Development
  8. Extensive knowledge of Intellectual Property laws (hold 13 patents)
  9. Analytical skills to support intuitive concepts
  10. Team Player

Tom Kruer's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Have stayed married to my wife for 38 years. What more needs to be said about teamwork?
  2. Developed a completely revoloutionary way to develop and commercialize products using a "post-capitalism" economic model based upon equitable shared risk/shared benefit approach. Organization has churned through over 100 ideas in 10 years using less than 2,000 man hours, outpacing all other types of idea factories.
  3. Acting as Engineering Project Manager, I provided the concept along with the direction for redesigning a $10,000 electro-mechanical medical scanning device into one that cost less than $100 and could be sterlized for intra-operative use. Advanced piezoelctric actuator and submerged optical encoders were employed.
  4. Developed a software package to track charitible contributions for not-for profit organizations. The product was then licenced to fully support the literacy advocacy organization of which I was a board member, thus eliminating fund raising which I hated to do.
  5. I took a marinal design for a throwing dart and redesigned it using advanced technologies to become a state of the art training device. Two aspects of the design were so advanced that we had to wait 10 years for the technology to catch up with the approach taken.
  6. Created a battery powered robotic toy having 6 independent programmable motions using one motor for a cost of less than $7.00. Fifty six component parts were designed, analyzed, fabricated, and assembled in the course of 5 weeks.
  7. Ignoring the 2,000 year tradition, I designed a new machine to fabricate bricks in developing countries using 10% of the energy and fewer laborers. Was awarded the InnoCentive prize over 700 other contributing solvers.
  8. Created and developed a new light post design that saves 40% of the aluminum to fabricate it while being more tolerant to wind. Poles can be fabricated from roll form in continuous length on site and not shipped as oversized loads.
  9. Designed and proved the functionality of the award winning submission for an InnoCentive challenge around a mosquito trap to combat malaria. Cost was 1/2 of the target while using sustainable components See...
  10. Conceptualized, Designed and developed a low cost irrigation device that saves up to 90% of the water and 96% of the fertilizer to grow trees in nurseries. Raised over a million dollars from angel capital to launch this product into the marketplace. See