Problem Solver

Troy Carpenter

Areas Troy Carpenter is Knowledgeable in:

Trouble shooting programming code, electronics/electrical.
Problem solving your typical hardware store type problems. Electrical, Plumbing or you name it.
Math and science is pretty broad I know, but I'm interested in the topic.
Relationship issues and interpersonal skills.
I like to come up with ideas.

Techniques Troy Carpenter Uses:

With problem solving the first thing I want to do is find out what IS NOT the problem through a process called process of elimination. I will usually bypass items in an attempt at isolating the problem. Sometimes you can zero in on a problem by noting the symptoms and at what point in the process it occured. Another way to locate the problem is by desk checking the process.

Troy Carpenter's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I've lived 43 years and have had romantic as well as general interpersonal relationships. I get along with everyone.
  2. Knows a lot about home electrical wiring and have hands on experience.
  3. I am very skilled with basic algebra.
  4. Knows Venn diagramming, flowcharting and other problem solving methods.
  5. Worked in hardware stores for 10 years, skilled with random problems.

Troy Carpenter's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. When I worked at Orchard Supply Hardware a customer came in and said he lost a diamond down the drain. He claimed that he couldn't remove the p-trap. After thinking it over, I suggest that he siphon out the water as best as he can and attempt to pull it out with a shop vac.
  2. Had a friend with half the electricity out in her house. The electrician came but was unable to solve the problem in the short time he was there. I fixed the problem with only a few clues. I noticed that there was a little light coming from a heater indicator light. That told me it was probably a break on the neutral side. She said it happened after her roommate slammed a window shut. The last clue pretty much solved it but I was also able to confirm my suspicion by using the ground on the outlets as a neutral bypass. I located the problem outlet which was RIGHT under the window and I reconnected the neutral wire.
  3. When I worked at Orchard Supply Hardware, I had a customer come in with a problem. When his switch was off, his exhaust fan was on and his light dimmed. When he turned the switch on, his exhaust fan shut off and his light went bright. I determined that he was bypassing the motor with the switch and that his fan and light were wired in a series.
  4. When I worked at Home Depot a customer came in with a doorbell problem. He said it was always humming. I thought to myself that that would be impossible because the button is what delivers power to the whole system. I asked him 1 question. I asked him if he heard a partial clink sound when he pushed the button. He said he did. This customer wired the button, doorbell and transformer all together in parallel.
  5. I used to own a key system unit that didn't deliver a voltage drop when a caller hung up the phone. My solution was to create a voltage drop detector to let my conference know that a call dropped off.
  6. I've solved many problems that involved 3-way and 4-way light switches and even problems that involved relays.