Problem Solver

Vernon Jean Pierre Heckler

Vernon Jean Pierre Heckler

Areas Vernon Jean Pierre Heckler is Knowledgeable in:

Nature and Human Psychology. Computer Science and Graphic Design.
Electronics and Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Metaphysics and Religion

Techniques Vernon Jean Pierre Heckler Uses:

Using every available resource to it's full potential..
Visualising within my mind and translating to mathematical equations for entering into program variables for later processing..
I use computers to simulate many of my theories by writing my own programs.

Vernon Jean Pierre Heckler's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Expanding on any design until realising its full potential and then simplifying the design with equal potential.

Vernon Jean Pierre Heckler's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have helped a number of companies reach new heights by implementing my Formula that takes the time=money principle to a whole new level..
    I was the first in South Africa to water cool a home computer..
    I've also helped form companies from the ground up with minimal capital.