Problem Solver

Victoria Kostenko

Areas Victoria Kostenko is Knowledgeable in:

Antimicrobials, biofilm technologies, biomaterials, probiotics, drug delivery, nanomaterials, renewable bioenergy, bioremediation, biodegradable materials, oil and gas waste treatment, water treatment, biogas, fuel cells, bioengineering

Victoria Kostenko's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. biofilm technologies for medical, energy and environment settings
  2. intermicrobial interactions, interactions of mirobes with environment
  3. bioproccess desing
  4. antimicrobial and anti-corrosive biomaterials, including nano scale
  5. PCR techniques
  6. Cell and tissue techniques
  7. waste-to-fuel biotechnologies
  8. probiotics
  9. natural pharmaceuticals

Victoria Kostenko's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - developed a patented technology for design and production of probiotics addressing different gastro-intestinal disorders
    - developed a range of patented natural pharmaceuticals to support different human body functions
    - developed diagnostic model for testing antimicrobial therapy against biofilm-associated infections
    - developed nano antimicrobial agent agains biofilm infections
    - developed bio-strategy for oil sands tailings management
    - designed biofilm-based bioremediation approaches
    - designed pretreatment technologies for delignificantion of waste