Problem Solver

Vijay Parthasarathy

Areas Vijay Parthasarathy is Knowledgeable in:

* Chemical Engineering
* General Management - Operations, Engineering, Plant, Product
* Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Stable Operations
* Lean Six Sigma
* Quality - SPC/SQC, Change Management
* New Product Development

Techniques Vijay Parthasarathy Uses:

Lean, CI, Six Sigma Tools including:

Kaizen, 3P Process, Time Analysis & Observation, Gemba, 5S, Visual Controls, Standard Work, Jidoka, Set-up reduction, Process mapping

Analysis of data using Minitab

SPC / SQC charts for Process and Quality data.

Vijay Parthasarathy's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. * Demonstrated Leadership skills in successfully implementing World-wide projects
  2. * Experience with New Product Development using Stage Gate process, and Scale-up of Chemical Process from Bench to Pilot to Pr
  3. * 10 yrs experience in implementing Quality Management tools including Change Management and SPC / SQC methodologies
  4. * 9 yrs Management Experience in Manufacturing – Plant Manager, Engineering & Maintenance Manager, Operations Supervisor, Pr
  5. * 10 yrs experience as a Trainer/Practitioner of Lean Manufacturing/Continuous Improvement Principles (Toyota Production Syste
  6. * 10 yrs experience as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt following Certification in 2001
  7. * 27 yrs of experience in application of Chemical Engineering skills to Research, Design, and Development of Chemical Process

Vijay Parthasarathy's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Product Engineer for successfully introducing 10 new Products from bench/Pilot Scale to manufacturing using the Stage-Gate process
  2. * Delivered 35% reduction in analytical testing costs ($200K) – process improvements, eliminating testing
  3. * Consolidated Raw materials resulting in quality improvement and 15% reduction ($250K) in inventory costs
  4. * Coordinated with Supply Chain Planners and scheduled products that would yield minimum Product change waste thereby minimizing Yield losses
  5. * Established a ‘Continuous Improvement Office’, identified Improvement Specialists to run CI activities,
    * Implemented ‘Training Program’ of Lean principles - Kaizen, 3P Process, Time Analysis & Observation, Gemba, 5S, Visual Controls, Standard Work, Jidoka, Set-up reduction, Value Stream Mapping;
    * Identified, developed, and implemented plans to address a portfolio of Improvement projects that were cross-divisional, cross-functional, and aligned with divisional strategies;
    * Established and implemented project management structure, progress reporting, and benchmarking and metrics program to demonstrate delivery of results
  6. * I have Optimized Distillation systems utilizing Six Sigma Black Belt tools including Design of Experiments resulting in increased Productivity ($ 850K), and reduced variability;
  7. * I have implemented the principles of ‘Stable Operations’ and Lean / Continuous Improvement methods in chemical production systems to identify deviations and drive improvement efforts, leading to increased Product Yield (25 – 30%), reduced Cycle time, reduced set-up time, and minimized process variability, that resulting in savings of $ 2M+