Problem Solver

Vysakh R Nambiar

The strongest part of my problem solving skills is to use locally available material and technology to solve problems. I enjoying working with a team, I love deadline and dead lines get me exited.

Areas Vysakh R Nambiar is Knowledgeable in:

System integration , computer programing, home grown green technology, smart phone programing and integration, Network Programing, building solutions from locally available material and technology.

Techniques Vysakh R Nambiar Uses:

I do not have a specific technique , but usually i try to identify where the problem is and solve that.

Vysakh R Nambiar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. CAD
  2. Programming
  3. Designing Green Solutions
  4. Network Programing
  5. Smart Phone programing
  6. Integrating Generic systems to computerized systems

Vysakh R Nambiar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a simple photo electric sensor based solar power availability calculator , which has several photo electric sensors that can be placed in a field for a given period of time connected to a system to calculate the amount of solar power the area could generate. ( The system works on approximations and only provide a vague idea of the potential of the area.)
  2. I have been part of a team working on mobile phone based system that helps monitor the water levels are the various micro hydro power stations around the province
  3. I have developed physical motorized switches for control generic equipment through network enabled software or mobile enabled systems.
  4. I have been part of team developing sms based system for controlling the street lights at various locations from a central station
  5. I developed the control program for a vertical file stacker that will calculate the location of a particular file in the rack and position the rack to the file.
  6. I have been part of a team which designed a automated agricultural field draining system for paddy fields
  7. I have developed independent rural power sources using solar and micro hydro sources recharging a array of used laptop batteries.