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Walid Fakhouri star Proven Solver

Walid Fakhouri
Walid Fakhouri is a Postdoctoral Research Associate, experts in Molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics at MSU. I have so far worked on two IdeaConnection R&D challenges. As a scientist, I like to be challenged by something new or by a hypothesis, question, or a request. And the fascinating thing for me is that at IdeaConnection you are competing with people you don't know and you try to get the best out of yourself, and out of your experience, and out of your knowledge and intelligence.

Areas Walid Fakhouri is Knowledgeable in:

Molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry

Techniques Walid Fakhouri Uses:

TLC, HPLC, MS, PCR, qPCR, IHC, IF, IH, Cell culture, Western, Northern, Southern blot analysis, ChIP, Microarray, Site Directed Mutagenesis, EMSA, Luciferase, CLSM

Walid Fakhouri's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. human genetic diseases
  2. Biological Modeling, gene regulation, genetics, epigenetics, endocrines, a wide range of biochemical and molecular techniques

Walid Fakhouri's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1. I studied how a rare mutation in the enhancer element of interferon regulatory factor 6 disrupts the expression level of its gene and could lead to orofacial clefting in human.
    2. My coauthors and I built a transcriptional regulatory model to predict expression level of targeted genes during embryonic development. This work was published in Molecular Systems Biology Nature EMBO 2010.
    4. I identified the first ligand binding receptor for the endocrine disruptor atrazine in pituitary cells. This work was published in Environmental Health Perspectives 2010.
    3. I worked with chemists to solve the chemical structure of a novel antibiotic compound produced by Pseudomonas bacteria. This work was published in Phytochemistry journal in 2001.