Problem Solver

Wayne Materi

Wayne Materi

Areas Wayne Materi is Knowledgeable in:

Synthetic biology, energy & environment, aging.

Wayne Materi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Microarrays
  2. Transgenic C. elegans construction
  3. Developmental biology
  4. Business system design
  5. Synthetic Biology
  6. Metabolic Engineering
  7. Molecular Biology (cloning, PCR, long PCR)
  8. Confocal microscopy

Wayne Materi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I helped to successfully raise over $120K (Canadian) in private and government funds for R&D in my start up company, Carbonitum Energy.
  2. I designed and implemented a Synthetic Biology research program at Canada's National Institute for Nanotechnology.
  3. I have published peer-reviewed articles on development neurobiology in C elegans, computational biology, transcriptional responses to adhesion in E. coli, among others.
  4. I designed and wrote parts of a multi-currency accounting system with over 20,000 users. I have also designed and implemented a number of accounting and inventory systems to small businesses. This activity is somewhat dated to the late 1980s. Nevertheless I maintain an active awareness of current approaches to business solutions.
  5. I successfully advised or led two iGEM teams to Silver Medal or First Place - Energy awards. I was invited to write and have published an article on Running Successful iGEM Teams following this.