Problem Solver

Wei Xu

Wei Xu

Areas Wei Xu is Knowledgeable in:

Science education

Techniques Wei Xu Uses:

Cause and effect diagrams; Root cause analysis; 5 whys; flow charts; FMEA; Swim lane diagrams; Debottleneck

Wei Xu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. professional consulting
  2. biotech process development
  3. bioprocess commercializing
  4. bioprocess QbD
  5. FDA BLA filing
  6. GMP operation management
  7. technology transfer
  8. biosimilar (biopharmaceutical)
  9. biotechnology
  10. molecular biology
  11. math and science education
  12. bioprocess validation

Wei Xu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a process to implement QbD in biotech processes.
  2. I developed a process to purify enzyme from plant cells for clinical study.
  3. I developed a process to commercialize a bioprocess from process development to GMP facility production. The scales of the production range from 250 L to 12,000 L bioreactor. The chromatography column size from 10 cm to 180 cm.
  4. I developed a process to produce and purify therapeutic proteins from genetic engineer.