Wieslaw Bicz

1.1973 – 1978 - Study of physics at Technical University in Wroclaw. Specialty was coherent optics – holography.
2.1979 – 1981 - Two years work in industry (PZL Hydral in Wroclaw).
3.1981 emigration to West Germany, different jobs.
4.1983 start of own company in Frankfurt (at the beginning it was software development)
5.End of 1985 start of biometric project. Proposal of use of ultrasound for finger recognition (as the first in the world).
6.Continuation of work on this project as manager of Optel, after 1992 this project was moved to Poland.
7.Since 1999 many other (mostly ultrasonic) projects was started and proposed, some products developed. The list of many of them can be found on the Optel website.