Problem Solver

Wolfgang Sallaberger

Wolfgang Sallaberger
Open eyes and Mind and you´ll find.

Areas Wolfgang Sallaberger is Knowledgeable in:

Most areas, I am more interested to combine and connect things and people. With other words to think and work in "cross culture or industies...."
Water, it´s motion and how to move on it is very interesting, i would like to lower the fuel consumption of huge ships !

Techniques Wolfgang Sallaberger Uses:

Triz, Lateral thinking, mind mapping,

Wolfgang Sallaberger's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Good social skills, intercultural work expirience, Triz, innovation management education

Wolfgang Sallaberger's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Haco AG new convinience food products, (instant meals)
  2. New machine for the new process and method together with a engineering company and a austrian engineering school.
  3. new food products made of poultry meat.
  4. New Method and process to create high quality convinience food (frozen food)
  5. New service to strengthen the loyality of customers, with benefits for company and customer. For a swiss insurance company (Mobiliar
    Free fire fighting trainings for customers.
  6. Oil barrier made of steel and rubber composites for heavy sea conditions (
  7. how to savely store&handle toxic samples, 2 solutions have been awarded. Participation on a swiss open source innovation platform