Problem Solver

Yekaterina Nevpryaga

Though I don't have experience in professional problem solving, I cope with problems pretty well on a daily basis. Especially in the fields of activities, I'm particularly good at (education, languages, translation, inter-cultural communication, music).
I think it's time to start solving problems and gain some money and experience!

Areas Yekaterina Nevpryaga is Knowledgeable in:

linguistics, language-teaching methods, foreign language learning/teaching, music, literature, arts, event-organization, schedule and program planning

Techniques Yekaterina Nevpryaga Uses:

Mind Mapping
Six Thinking Hats
Morphological Analysis

Yekaterina Nevpryaga's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. teaching English and Russian as second languages
  2. translating english- russian; english-serbian
  3. playing piano
  4. creative writing (short poems, rhymes, plays)
  5. computer: MS Office/Adobe Acrobat,Photoshop/Internet research

Yekaterina Nevpryaga's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I write school programs for learning English and Russian as second languages, combine age-appropriate material, write/abridge rhymes and plays for children of different ages (4-17).
    Organize end-of-school-year events (plays, parties and contests)