Problem Solver

Yosef Refaeli

Areas Yosef Refaeli is Knowledgeable in:

Cancer, mouse models of lymphoid malignancies, experimental therapeutics hematopoietic stem cells, monoclonal antibodies, immunology, self-tolerance and autoimmunity

Techniques Yosef Refaeli Uses:

- Experimental based approaches to answer scientific questions
- Literature searches
- Group discussions to identify and define problem and outline plans to solve these
- Proposal writing for grants to predict possible pitfalls and suggest alternative approaches

Yosef Refaeli's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Biomedical and Life sciences researcher, animal models of cancer, cell signaling, genetic manipulation of organisms, screening,

Yosef Refaeli's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I established an independent research lab at a major academic institution in 2003.
    - Attracted and maintained federal and private grant funding for the research lab
    - I am an inventor on 7 awarded patents and 7 additional pending applications
    - I am the CEO and Co-founder of a biotechnology startup (Taiga Biotech)