Problem Solver

Yueh Yu Wong

You will never know if you never try.

Areas Yueh Yu Wong is Knowledgeable in:

Singing, sound systems, karaoke, travel, tours, mass spectrometry, human relations

Techniques Yueh Yu Wong Uses:

Isolating problem - For example, in the instrument that i am working on, it consists of region Q1 and Q3. Often, if I see low intensity in Q1 spectrums, I will look into Q3 to see if it has the same issue. If no, that means only Q1 region is having issue. If yes, that means a common part is affecting both Q1 and Q3. In this way, we can isolate and focus on a problem.

Yueh Yu Wong's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Mass Spectrometry

Yueh Yu Wong's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I develop a systematic process for the preparation of every new hires, from the orientation to the preparation of tools that they will need to the softwares that they need to familiarise with and finally to the procedures of testing. This process was not in place previously.
  2. I have trained new hires on the testing of mass spectrometers. However, after a new hire has undergone training, they may not remember how to do the testing and troubleshooting of instruments fully by themselves. As such, i came up with a buddy system whereby each new tester will have an assigned senior as a mentor. In this way, they can easily approach their respective senior if they face any issue or if they have any doubts.