Innovation Consultant

Yvette Dubel

Yvette Dubel
-Help clients make more money with Brand Risk Management Innovation
-Prove to you how doing the right thing in the right way is more profitable - long term

Only listening to experts from your industry is akin to getting traffic reporting from someone driving on the same road using the same car as you. How helpful is this perspective when you struggling to find a less congested route? The problem there is that this person shares your blind spots. Instead getting better information means the traffic reporter needs to hoover above the jammed roadways in a completely different vehicle offering a very different series of perspectives from a broader range of information. Like the traffic reporter I can help your members make better decisions about the route to take to arrive at their desired destination.

In order to develop better strategic game plans to guide the future of their businesses it is vital that you have a broader perspective and deeper understanding for dealing with increasing complexity,emerging from a diverse series of events converging. Today changes in areas not on your radar can surface as quite a disruptive influence, sometimes without overt warning.

The environment in which directors and managers have to succeed is becoming increasing complex and individualistic. Reality is not going to become simpler just because one would prefer it over increasing complexity. I can help your members to make sense of connections that may not be obvious but can pose significant threats to traditional business models or industries. Knowledge is power and having more strategic insight can absolutely help empower owners and manager to develop more effective business strategies for a range of circumstances.

Please feel welcomed to call me and discuss your situation. I am happy to see how I can help you.