Problem Solver

Yvette Dubel

Yvette Dubel

Areas Yvette Dubel is Knowledgeable in:

-relationships between people, ideas, situations, and information
-increasing trust and collaboration
-turning abstract ideas into actionable items or tangible expressions
-big picture contexts for looking at a problem
-finding hidden potential or opportunities in problems
-multilateral solutions
-using shared resource allocation to increase capital efficiency
-integrating meaningfulness into solutions or enterprises
-developing flexible solutions
-social responsibility integration or prioritization
-Arts integration or Arts based approaches to unlock unseen potential
-Leveraging intangible assets

Techniques Yvette Dubel Uses:

A/r/tography - Creating Art to dissect, analyze understand and re-envision situations, ideas or problems. Some problems result in one piece others require a series.
This can also include writing about the problem, directly or indirectly as in research material evolves into prose poetry or metaphors expressed in a short story to bring new levels of insight to a situation.

Yvette Dubel's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Outside Box Thinking
  2. Art Based Inquiry
  3. Change Management
  4. Risk Management
  5. Branding Innovation
  6. Art Based Solutions
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Conceptual Art
  9. Playwright
  10. Story Development
  11. Scripting
  12. Ideation
  13. Forward Thinking Event Building

Yvette Dubel's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I have written a book on Brand Risk Management Innovation.
    -I have developed community intervention/prevention programs based on mental health models/theories, combined with creative expression.
    -I have developed alternative education and empowerment programs for communities.
    -I developed cultural diversity education programs for alternative education networks.
    -I have developed an open source interdisciplinary model for diversity education focused on creating collaborations.
    -I have developed multilateral art based projects that extend beyond the traditional applications.
    -I have developed Art based corporate social responsibility initiatives as part of my contribution to working teams.
  2. -I have developed strategies for organizations that use A/r/tographic and Art Based models to make progress in achieving profitability and sustainability goals.
    -I have developed relationship strategies to help organizations increase trust and collaboration using my Art Based model.
    -I have been engaged in interdisciplinary research for the last four years, contributing to or leading teams, combining my expertise in Art based approaches, resiliency and Relationships.
    - I have focused on Community Change Management and Research Models